Play against the computer

Here you can play chess online with the computer for free and without registration.

Playing against the computer is very simple. Just choose the game settings below, click "Play", and get ready to beat (or be beaten by) the computer!

Good luck!

Stockfish is the most popular chess engine in the world. Read more about chess engines.
Leave it unchanged if you don’t know what it is.

To customize the engine parameters such as depth and move time yourself, please sign in or sign up.
Opening notation

If you select 'No', the game will start from the final opening position; otherwise the game will start from a standard position and you should repeat the moves as defined in the opening description.

You can play both classic chess and Fischer chess with the computer. You can also choose which chess engine to play with and customize its strength. This is very convenient, because you can adjust the difficulty of the game to your level! Read more about chess engines.