Tournaments organization

Here you can organize your own chess tournaments by selecting the desired time control, type (classical or Fischer chess) and other parameters.
Tournaments can be held according to the Swiss system or round robin (1 or 2 rounds).
You can organize both open chess tournaments (for all comers) and private (by invitation only). Private tournaments are convenient if you want to hold a competition among a small circle of people, for example - friends, colleagues, classmates. Read more - how to organize a private tournament?

How to organize a private tournament?

  1. Open the create a new tournament page and fill out the required fields. In the "Tournament access" field, choose "Private".
  2. On the tournament page that opens, click on the "Invite Players" button.
  3. All participants must be registered on the site. If any of the participants are not registered on the site - send them following link: (Copy)
  4. Enter the logins of the tournament participants one by one in the "Login" field to send them an invitation to the private tournament
To organize tournaments, please sign in or create free account.