"Battle" is a special type of game mode in which a game starts not from the standard position, but from one of the mid-game positions. The goal in Battle mode is the same as in ordinary chess - to checkmate. Any possible advantage to one of the parties is calculated in advance.

The goal of the battle is the same as in regular chess - to checkmate.

The advantage of the both sides (white and black) is calculated using a chess engine.

More about advantage calculation...

A fractional number is displayed near each position, symbolizing the assessment of the advantage of one of the sides (white or black). If the number is greater than 0, the advantage is on white side, less than 0 - on black side.

When choosing battle position you should take into account that

  • from 0 to 0.2 - no advantage;
  • from 0.2 to 0.4 - very small advantage;
  • from 0.4 to 1 - to small advantage;
  • > 1 - significant advantage, the advantage of 1 is equal to the advantage of 1 pawn, 3 - a knight or bishop, 5 - a rook, 9 - a queen.

Create new battle you can on New Game page.

Or join to one of the existed battles.